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About AutoBrokerNJ.com

AutoBrokerNJ.com hit the ground running in 2015, and now it seems as if the top New York vehicle leasing company has been around forever. That’s because good ideas catch on quickly and tend to go viral. And AutoBrokerNJ.com got its start with an excellent idea. The brains behind the business is Zoriy Birenboym, a Brooklyn entrepreneur with ideas about how to make the auto-leasing process easier. Since people shop online more and more, it made sense to move car leasing online, where they can do it faster. Since AutoBrokerNJ.com excels in its customer service and honest approach, all customers end up happy because they know they got the best deal on the right car.

Started with a Passion

Zoriy’s been interested in cars ever since he was a little boy. His passion comes from his grandfather, who shared his love of cars. Cars have been a hobby ever since, but it became an obsession once he got his driver’s license. As Zoriy gained experience in the automobile industry over 15 years, he noticed how people relate to car salesmen. Being a car salesman still carries a negative connotation for many people. “After such a long career in the car industry,” says Zoriy, “I was determined to establish a framework with the potential for nationwide reach. The most powerful tool at my disposal was the Internet, so this was the route I decided to take to realize my vision.” He did his research and hired programmers to build the online platform. He’s been continuously improving and redesigning the website ever since. Certified: eAutoLease

Disruptive Technology

chamber-of-commerce-eAutoLease Today, the founder of AutoBrokerNJ.com is changing the way people buy and lease vehicles. His company is different from other online portals because AutoBrokerNJ.com doesn’t sell its leads. Zoriy’s goal is to educate consumers while offering the best deals, using incentives and rebates the average person just doesn’t know about. While technology has disrupted the way people buy cars, Zoriy says the real difference is his direct-to-consumer marketplace and his dedication to staying honest. Unlike car dealerships, AutoBrokerNJ.com sells and leases all brands, all makes and all models. In its first year, the company generated more than 500 five-star reviews (five out of five), as well as accreditation from the New York Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau.

What Is AutoBrokerNJ.com?

AutoBrokerNJ.com is a modern, online auto dealership. There’s no lot to visit, no pushy salesmen to endure and no uncomfortable waiting area. Your waiting area is your living room or wherever you use your computer. Visit the website and Zoriy’s team can help you find the perfect vehicle for you and your family. At AutoBrokerNJ.com, you can do your entire car shopping online. You can browse through all the available vehicles by: Since AutoBrokerNJ.com works with virtually every manufacturer, you’re sure to find exactly what you need. There are no limitations. For some families, a traditional Ford is the right choice, but you can also find BMWs, Porsches, Jeeps and even Maseratis. [gallery columns="2" size="medium" link="file" ids="4390,4054"]

A Company with a Mission

“Our goal,” says Zoriy “Is to provide an amazing experience for you when you lease a car. And down the road, you always have access to somebody you can trust who’ll answer any questions.” He brags that he and his team treat their customers like family. In return, their customers have been known to invite them to their homes for dinners and parties. Education is another focus for AutoBrokerNJ.com. Financing is as transparent as possible, and since they work with many financial institutions, they consistently rank high in terms of loan approval. According to Zoriy, “Our job is to make leasing a vehicle easy, and not just in terms of financing. A lot of dealerships, a lot of salesmen, have a bad rap. This new way of leasing is the smart way, the convenient way. And we build trust with every delivery.”

Help When You Need It

AutoBrokerNJ.com offers a concierge way of buying or leasing a vehicle. Since it’s an online experience, you won’t face a pushy salesman, but that doesn’t mean you have to fend for yourself. The sales team, called Automotive Experts, is just a phone call away. Dial (732) 853-1222 to be connected directly with one of the friendly, experienced professionals. They know all about the vehicles they lease, and they can answer any question and even make recommendations for you. Once you’ve had a great experience with a member of the team, you appreciate the difference they make and you realize you can contact them whenever you:
  • Have a question about your lease
  • Need to schedule maintenance or repair
  • Experience changes in your financial or familial situation
  • Want to renew or exit your lease

A Long-Term Commitment

Zoriy expects AutoBrokerNJ.com to be around for a long time, so his team works hard to build relationships. That means serving their customers, not the auto industry. Repeat business and word-of-mouth means everything — and it shows in the number of five-star reviews the company has accumulated. The AutoBrokerNJ.com team understands that the business will do better today and into the future by putting their efforts on providing every single customer with the best possible experience. To accomplish that:
  • Your Automotive Expert takes the time to educate you about the leasing process and the rebates and incentives you’re entitled to.
  • You have an ally to help you get the financing you need approved.
  • You get the lease that best fits your needs.
  • You have an opportunity to buy or trade in your car.
  • Your new car is delivered to your home or office, so you don’t have to disrupt your schedule.
  • You’re given straightforward advice and assistance if you want to exit your lease early.

A Growing Trend

Vehicle leasing is in demand. It’s a trend that’s growing, both offline and online. AutoBrokerNJ.com began in New York City, but it’s already expanded throughout New Jersey and into Pennsylvania and Connecticut. They can service anyone, nationwide. Since they deal with auto manufacturers, they can deliver cars anywhere and help you get the service you need, no matter what state you’re in. It’s no wonder that consumers are flocking to AutoBrokerNJ.com. As Zoriy proudly says: “There’s no BS. People are getting the right advice; they’re getting the right payments; they’re getting the right vehicle; and the honesty keeps them with us for years.” The three main reasons for the company’s success are:
  1. Uncompromising approach to customer service
  2. Extremely competitive pricing
  3. Strict synergy between all departments of the business
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